Viewcomponent alternative for ajax refresh Viewcomponent alternative for ajax refresh ajax ajax

Viewcomponent alternative for ajax refresh

On beta7 it is now possible to return a ViewComponent directly from a controller. Check the MVC/Razor section of the announcement

The new ViewComponentResult in MVC makes it easy to return the result of a ViewComponent from an action. This allows you to easily expose the logic of a ViewComponent as a standalone endpoint.

So you could have a simple view component like this:

[ViewComponent(Name = "MyViewComponent")]public class MyViewComponent : ViewComponent{    public IViewComponentResult Invoke()    {        var time = DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm:ss");        return Content($"The current time is {time}");    }}

Create a method in a controller like:

public IActionResult MyViewComponent(){    return ViewComponent("MyViewComponent");}

And do a better job than my quick and dirty ajax refresh:

var container = $("#myComponentContainer");var refreshComponent = function () {    $.get("/Home/MyViewComponent", function (data) { container.html(data); });};$(function () { window.setInterval(refreshComponent, 1000); });

Of course, prior to beta7 you could create a view as the workaround suggested by @eedam or use the approach described in these answers