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Different data for sharing providers in UIActivityViewController

I think this is what you're looking for: Custom UIActivityViewController icons and text.

You should be able to provide different data for each activity type.

Hope this helps somebody. It's pretty straightforward if you subclass UIActivityItemProvider:

@interface MyActivityItemProvider : UIActivityItemProvider@end@implementation MyActivityItemProvider- (id)item{    // Return nil, if you don't want this provider to apply     // to a particular activity type (say, if you provide     // print data as a separate item for UIActivityViewController).    if ([self.activityType isEqualToString:UIActivityTypePrint])         return nil;    // The data you passed while initialising your provider     // is in placeholderItem now.    if ([self.activityType isEqualToString:UIActivityTypeMail] ||        [self.activityType isEqualToString:UIActivityTypeCopyToPasteboard])    {        return self.placeholderItem;    }    // Return something else for other activities. Obviously,     // you can as well reuse the data in placeholderItem here.    return @"Something else";}@end

Then pass its instance with an array of activity items to UIActivityViewController:

MyActivityItemProvider *activityItem =     [[MyActivityItemProvider alloc] initWithPlaceholderItem:@"Your data"];NSArray *sharingItems = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:    activityItem, _myUITextView.viewPrintFormatter, nil];UIActivityViewController *activityController =     [[UIActivityViewController alloc]         initWithActivityItems:sharingItems applicationActivities:nil];

This can be easily done by using the optional activityType property from the UIActivityItemProvider object. That property returns a UIActivityType, so you can do something like:

class PhotoActivityItemProvider: UIActivityItemProvider {      ...    override var item: Any {        guard let activityType = self.activityType else {            return photoURL.absoluteString        }        if activityType == .mail || activityType == .message {            return "The photo link is \(photoURL.absoluteString)."        }        ...    }

More information in my blog post: https://www.whitesmith.co/blog/control-what-youre-sharing/