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GraphQL client libraries for iOS

This question was asked a long time ago - I think today the standard answer to this will be to use Apollo Client.

It uses a similar API as the Apollo Client on the web and has a couple of really nice features:

  • Static type generation based on GraphQL Queries & Mutations
  • Normalized cache
  • Query watching & automatic UI updates
  • Manual store updates

It has not yet reached 1.0 but overall is a super promising project!

Here are some resources that should help you get started:

I would not build queries by hand, and I think both Chester and GraphQLicious would be fine for you. If I had to imagine the perfect library, it should not only build queries but also parse the result into Swift objects. This, as you may know from JSON parsing libraries, is not a small task and that's why most of the GraphQL-Builder libraries don't do it.

Disclosure: I'm one of the guys behind GraphQLicious