How to create Entitlement.plist file in Xcode? How to create Entitlement.plist file in Xcode? ios ios

How to create Entitlement.plist file in Xcode?

You can manage the Entitlements in the Capabilities tab of your target settings.

Any change there will automatically update either the Entitlements.plist or the Info.plist file.

That being said, an Entitlements.plist file is in the end just a plist. You can add as much plists as you like following the steps provided in this question.

In Xcode 5, for common entitlements you no longer need to create an Entitlements.plist file manually. You use the new Capabilities pane instead. See

If you still want to create one manually, here's how:

  1. File menu > New File...
  2. Select iOS > Resource > Property List
  3. Name the new file "foo.entitlements" (typically, "foo" is the target name)
  4. Click the (+) next to "Entitlements File" to add a top-level item (the property list editor will use the correct schema due to the file extension)

Don't forget to set your target's CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS build setting to be the path to entitlements file you just added.

If you want to add an Entitlement to an existing project in Xcode 5 follow these steps:

  1. Select your project in the Navigator area.
  2. Select your Target in the Editor area.
  3. In the Editor area select the Capabilities option from the menu bar.
  4. Open the disclosure button to the left of the Keychain Sharing option.
  5. Under Keychain Sharing select the "+" button.
  6. Type the entitlement in the input area.
  7. DONE.