Is it possible to install iOS 6 SDK on Xcode 5? Is it possible to install iOS 6 SDK on Xcode 5? ios ios

Is it possible to install iOS 6 SDK on Xcode 5?

EDIT: Starting Feb 1, 2014, Apple will no longer accept pre-iOS7 apps for submission to App Store. So while this technique still works, it will not be useful for most readers.

Yes, this is fine. I still build with iOS 4.3 for one project (it's been awhile since we updated; but they still accepted it after iOS 6 came out), and I currently build 10.5 apps with Xcode 5.

See How to point Xcode to an old SDK so it can be used as a "Base SDK"? for details on how to set it up. You can use my fix-xcode script to link everything for you every time you upgrade.

The only trick is getting the old SDKs. If you don't have them, you generally need to download old versions of Xcode (still available on, open the installer package, and hunt around to find the SDK you need.

SDKs can be found within the installer package at:

I was also running the same problem when I updated to xcode 5 it removed older sdk. But I taken the copy of older SDK from another computer and the same you can download from following link.
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There are 2 ways to work with.

1) Unzip and paste this folder to /Applications/ & restart the xcode.

But this might again removed by Xcode if you update xcode.

2) Another way is Unzip and paste where you want and go to /Applications/ and create a symbolic link here, so that the SDK will remain same even if you update the Xcode.

Another change I made, Build Setting > Architectures > standard (not 64) so list all the versions of Deployment Target

No need to download the zip if you only wanted to change the deployment target.

Here are some screenshots.enter image description hereenter image description here

Yes, I just solved the problem today.

  1. Find the SDK file, like iPhoneOS6.1.sdk, in your or your friend'solder Xcode directory.
  2. Copy & put it into the Xcode 5 directory :/Applications/

enter image description here

Then you can choose the SDK like below :

enter image description here

Hope this helps you.