No value was provided for the parameter 'appIdName' when provisioning No value was provided for the parameter 'appIdName' when provisioning ios ios

No value was provided for the parameter 'appIdName' when provisioning

Part of the process in Xcode's automated submitting of certificate requests is that it looks for a "Wildcard" app ID. If you're missing this (for some reason, it's created on some accounts automatically and not created automatically on others?), this automated process will likely fail.

To fix it, try the following:

1) "Revoke" any existing certificates you might have from within the developer portal

2) Create a new "App Id"; title it "Wildcard"; and enter only " * " (without any spaces or quotes) as the suffix.

3) Try the automated certificate request from within Xcode again, and it should now work


I'm getting the same issue in Xcode. I think it's related to the wildcard app ID that Xcode creates for you. There seems to be an issue with that process that then cancels the device addition process that you're trying to complete.

You should still be able to add the device via the iOS Dev Center. Once logged in, go to the Provisioning Portal and you can add the device there.

Not perfect I know, but should allow you to start building apps and testing on your device until the Xcode issue is resolved.

You could avoid this problem by making App ID with wild-card id in iOS dev center.

I guess Organizer could not follow the updated policy related to App ID in iOS Dev Center/Provisioning Portal.

App ID with wild-card("*") is seems to be restricted in some function, for example, Push Notification, Game Center.anddeveloper also seems to be required to make sure the security option for the app related to the App ID.