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Global variables in Java

To define Global Variable you can make use of static Keyword

public class Example {    public static int a;    public static int b;}

now you can access a and b from anywhereby calling


You don't. That's by design. You shouldn't do it even if you could.

That being said you could create a set of public static members in a class named Globals.

public class Globals {   public static int globalInt = 0;   ///}

but you really shouldn't :). Seriously .. don't do it.

Another way is to create an interface like this:

public interface GlobalConstants{  String name = "Chilly Billy";  String address = "10 Chicken head Lane";}

Any class that needs to use them only has to implement the interface:

public class GlobalImpl implements GlobalConstants{  public GlobalImpl()  {     System.out.println(name);  }}