Comparing mongoose _id and strings Comparing mongoose _id and strings mongoose mongoose

Comparing mongoose _id and strings

Mongoose uses the mongodb-native driver, which uses the custom ObjectID type. You can compare ObjectIDs with the .equals() method. With your example, results.userId.equals(AnotherMongoDocument._id). The ObjectID type also has a toString() method, if you wish to store a stringified version of the ObjectID in JSON format, or a cookie.

If you use ObjectID = require("mongodb").ObjectID (requires the mongodb-native library) you can check if results.userId is a valid identifier with results.userId instanceof ObjectID.


ObjectIDs are objects so if you just compare them with == you're comparing their references. If you want to compare their values you need to use the ObjectID.equals method:

if (results.userId.equals(AnotherMongoDocument._id)) {    ...}

converting object id to string(using toString() method) will do the job.