How to print a dictionary's key? How to print a dictionary's key? python python

How to print a dictionary's key?

A dictionary has, by definition, an arbitrary number of keys. There is no "the key". You have the keys() method, which gives you a python list of all the keys, and you have the iteritems() method, which returns key-value pairs, so

for key, value in mydic.iteritems() :    print key, value

Python 3 version:

for key, value in mydic.items() :    print (key, value)

So you have a handle on the keys, but they only really mean sense if coupled to a value. I hope I have understood your question.

Additionally you can use....

print(dictionary.items()) #prints keys and valuesprint(dictionary.keys()) #prints keysprint(dictionary.values()) #prints values

Hmm, I think that what you might be wanting to do is print all the keys in the dictionary and their respective values?

If so you want the following:

for key in mydic:  print "the key name is" + key + "and its value is" + mydic[key]

Make sure you use +'s instead of ,' as well. The comma will put each of those items on a separate line I think, where as plus will put them on the same line.