ImportError: No module named PIL ImportError: No module named PIL python python

ImportError: No module named PIL

In shell, run:

pip install Pillow

Attention: PIL is deprecated, and pillow is the successor.

On some installs of PIL, you must do

import Image

instead of import PIL (PIL is in fact not always imported this way). Since import Image works for you, this means that you have in fact installed PIL.

Having a different name for the library and the Python module is unusual, but this is what was chosen for (some versions of) PIL.

You can get more information about how to use this module from the official tutorial.

PS: In fact, on some installs, import PIL does work, which adds to the confusion. This is confirmed by an example from the documentation, as @JanneKarila found out, and also by some more recent versions of the MacPorts PIL package (1.1.7).

On a different note, I can highly recommend the use of Pillow which is backwards compatible with PIL and is better maintained/will work on newer systems.

When that is installed you can do

import PIL 


from PIL import Image