Laravel Eloquent ORM "whereHas" through table Laravel Eloquent ORM "whereHas" through table sql sql

Laravel Eloquent ORM "whereHas" through table

You have 3 options using relations:

1 most straightforward solution:

Places::whereHas('contacts',function ($q) use ($city_id){       $q->whereHas('cities', function ($q) use ($city_id){           $q->where('id', $city_id);        });    })->get();

2 the same as above but using this PR:

Places::whereHas('contacts.cities', function ($q) use ($city_id){        $q->where('id', $city_id);       })->get();

3 Using hasManyThrough relation:

// Place modelpublic function cities(){  return $this->hasManyThrough('City', 'Contact');}// thenPlaces::whereHas('cities',function ($q) use ($city_id){   $q->where('', $city_id);})->get();


Having your schema it's obvious that none of the suggest or your original setup can work.

This is a many-to-many relation which in Eloquent is belongsToMany:

// Places modelpublic function cities(){  return $this->belongsToMany('Cities', 'contacts', 'places_id', 'cities_id')    ->withPivot( .. contacts table fields that you need go here.. );}// Cities modelpublic function places(){  return $this->belongsToMany('Places', 'contacts', 'cities_id', 'places_id')    ->withPivot( .. contacts table fields that you need go here.. );}

Then you can call relations like this:

$city = Cities::first();$city->places; // collection of Places models// contacts data for a single city-place pair$city->places->first()->pivot->open_hours; // or whatever you include in withPivot above

Now, there's another way to setup this, in case you need also Contacts model itself:

// Places modelpublic function contact(){  return $this->hasOne('Contacts', 'places_id');}// Contacts modelpublic function city(){  return $this->belongsTo('Cities', 'cities_id');}public function place(){  return $this->belongsTo('Places', 'places_id');}// Cities modelpublic function contact(){  return $this->hasOne('Contacts', 'cities_id');}


$city = Cities::first();$city->contact; // Contacts model$city->contact->place; // Places model

hasManyThrough won't work here at all

As you know the city id and from this you want to find the corresponding place you can start at the city and work back to the place. To do this you will need to define the inverse of your relationships.

// Add this function to your Cities Modelpublic function contact(){    return $this->belongsTo('Contact');}// Add this function to your Contacts Modelpublic function place(){     return $this->belongsTo('Places');}

Now you can query the City and find Place.

$place = Cities::find($city_id)->contact->place;

EDIT:Added missing return in functions

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