Mysql improve SELECT speed Mysql improve SELECT speed sql sql

Mysql improve SELECT speed

take time to read my answer here: (has similar volumes to yours)

500 millions rows, 15 million row range scan in 0.02 seconds.

MySQL and NoSQL: Help me to choose the right one

then amend your table engine to innodb as follows:

create table tag_date_value(tag_id smallint unsigned not null, -- i prefer ints to charstag_date datetime not null, -- can we make this date vs datetime ?value int unsigned not null default 0, -- or whatever datatype you requireprimary key (tag_id, tag_date) -- clustered composite PK)engine=innodb;

you might consider the following as the primary key instead:

primary key (tag_id, tag_date, value) -- added value save some I/O

but only if value isnt some LARGE varchar type !

query as before:

select tag_date,  valuefrom tag_date_valuewhere tag_id = 1 and tag_date between 'x' and 'y'order by tag_date;

hope this helps :)


oh forgot to mention - dont use alter table to change engine type from mysiam to innodb but rather dump the data out into csv files and re-import into a newly created and empty innodb table.

note i'm ordering the data during the export process - clustered indexes are the KEY !


select * into outfile 'tag_dat_value_001.dat' fields terminated by '|' optionally enclosed by '"'lines terminated by '\r\n'from tag_date_valuewhere tag_id between 1 and 50order by tag_id, tag_date;select * into outfile 'tag_dat_value_002.dat' fields terminated by '|' optionally enclosed by '"'lines terminated by '\r\n'from tag_date_valuewhere tag_id between 51 and 100order by tag_id, tag_date;-- etc...


import back into the table in correct order !

start transaction;load data infile 'tag_dat_value_001.dat' into table tag_date_valuefields terminated by '|' optionally enclosed by '"'lines terminated by '\r\n'(tag_id,tag_date,value);commit;-- etc...

What is the cardinality of the date field (that is, how many different values appear in that field)? If the date BETWEEN 'x' AND 'y' is more limiting than the tag = 'a' part of the WHERE clause, try making your primary key (date, tag) instead of (tag, date), allowing date to be used as an indexed value.

Also, be careful how you specify 'x' and 'y' in your WHERE clause. There are some circumstances in which MySQL will cast each date field to match the non-date implied type of the values you compare to.

I would do two things - first throw some indexes on there around tag and date as suggested above:

alter table table add index (tag, date);

Next break your query into a main query and sub-select in which you are narrowing your results down when you get into your main query:

SELECT date, valueFROM tableWHERE date BETWEEN 'x' and 'y'AND tag IN ( SELECT tag FROM table WHERE tag = 'a' )ORDER BY date