no overload for method "ToString" takes 1 arguments no overload for method "ToString" takes 1 arguments sql sql

no overload for method "ToString" takes 1 arguments

Assuming that TotalPrice is a Decimal column, and that myReader is a DataReader:

TotalPrice.Text = myReader.GetDecimal(myReader.GetOrdinal("TotalPrice")).ToString("N2");

The idea here is that myReader's indexer (what you are using when you call myReader["TotalPrice"]) returns an Object. It has to, since it doesn't know at compile time what type the column is. By using .GetDecimal(), you are assuring that you get a Decimal value back, or an error.

The .ToString overload that takes a format string is declared on Decimal, not on Object. Object's .ToString takes no arguments.

The inner call to GetOrdinal returns the field's index given the name- if you are doing this in a loop for multiple data rows, you'd probably want to cache that in a variable.

String.Format() will do the trick. F2 is fixed-point notation with 2 decimal places.

TotalPrice.Text = string.Format("{0:F2}", (double)myReader["TotalPrice"]);