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Oracle sql developer color coding

Yes. New feature for version 4.0

Connection has 'Connection color' property. This color will be painted to the border of each editor assigned to that connection.

In addition the connection name in the tree and any new connection picker/dialog will also be labeled with that color.

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You can't color code them currently. I prefix my Production connection with an asterisk to indicate the same thing (since I don't want to have to expand folders each time).

My Connections pane looks like this:

Connections|+ "Unused"                  (folder for rarely used connections)|- "*PROD* - user@tnsalias"|- "DEV - user@tnsalias"|- "TEST - user@tnsalias"

I find it helpful to include the user and tnsalias in my connection name so it's clear to see how and where I'm connecting.+