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SQL/Query tools? [closed]

azure_ardee, i've looking for the Windows Authentication on Squirrel. If you use the jtds driver you cand add the property DOMAIN to the connection string.

The sintax for the conn str is:jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[:<1433>]/[;=[;...]]

For example:jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://hostname:1433/db_name;DOMAIN=my_domain

Also, you can click the Properties button, check the DOMAIN property and fill the value with the domain name.

I hope i helped!


Maybe try SQL Manager Express first. If you need more, you can always look for other solutions.

Edit: This was for MS SQL 2005 Express. I hope that there will be a new one for MS SQL Express 2008, and it will be much quicker like VS 2008 compared to VS 2005.

Update: MSSQL 2014 Developer Edition is free for development purposes. It contains SQL Manager with full funcionality.

I like Aqua Data Studio. It's Java but don't be turned off, it performs very well.