SQL Selecting multiple sums? SQL Selecting multiple sums? sql sql

SQL Selecting multiple sums?

SELECT  SUM(CASE WHEN order_date >= '01/01/09' THEN quantity ELSE 0 END) AS items_sold_since_date,        SUM(quantity) AS items_sold_total,        product_IDFROM    SalesGROUP BY product_ID

something like this?:

SELECT  SUM(quantity) AS items_sold_since_date,        total_items_sold = (SELECT SUM(quantity) from Sales GROUP BY product_ID),        product_IDFROM    SalesWHERE order_date >= '01/01/09'GROUP BY product_ID

If you like to see total sales alongside, then you would use sum(sale_amt), and in the group by add the sale_amt. I hope it helps.