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TVS RP-45 roll paper printing

I'm going to suggest something a little different.

Create a new document in Notepad on Windows or a plain text editor on other OS's.

This document (.txt) should just contain one line: TEST_LINE_1

  1. Send that document to your printer and see if the same after print feed continues.

  2. If it continues to feed after the single line of print:Check settings as follows ( I know you said you've already checked ):

From the manual:[ ]To set the factory settings of the printer, first press FONT, Line feed and PRINT buttons together and then switch ON the printer using ON/OFF switch.

  • Usually you have to hold those buttons while switching it off and back on - hold until the printer prints its config off.

If you can post back with what the print out says word for word that would be good.

  1. If it doesn't feed after the single line:Your design is most likely too wide for the format/internal limits of the paper width and it's wrapping around onto a new line for every line you have.

Are you able to post a photo of what is being printed with how much paper it's on-feeding by?

  1. Try printer on a different computer or laptop if possible with single line text file (as above) or with your custom report job - is it the same output?

  2. If the printer is installed as a USB device: Remove all traces of the driver files and completely uninstall it as a printer - reinstall fresh copies and see what happens - the same?

I appreciate some of these things always 'seem obvious' when you're up against a problem but it does help to start over with the most basic of things..

Just remove headers and footers, It will work fine.