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upsert sql query

MERGE Statement?

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[MERGEStep1](@UserId nvarchar(50), @First_Name nvarchar(50), @Last_Name nvarchar(50), @TitlePosition nvarchar(30))                                                   ASBEGINMERGE Company_Information WITH(HOLDLOCK) AS TUSING(SELECT 1 S) SON T.UserId = @UserIdWHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET   First_Name = @First_Name,  Last_Name = @Last_Name,  Title_Position=@TitlePosition  WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN  INSERT (UserId, First_Name, Last_Name, Title_Position)  VALUES(@UserId, @First_Name,@Last_Name,@TitlePosition);END

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a variable to test it (ex: @id)
  2. Select @id = UserId from Company_Information where UserId = @UserId
  3. If @id = @userId update, otherwise insert

As @gbn specified, be aware of concurrence issues.