Vue.js—Difference between v-model and v-bind Vue.js—Difference between v-model and v-bind vue.js vue.js

Vue.js—Difference between v-model and v-bind

From here - Remember:

<input v-model="something">

is essentially the same as:

<input   v-bind:value="something"   v-on:input="something = $">

or (shorthand syntax):

<input   :value="something"   @input="something = $">

So v-model is a two-way binding for form inputs. It combines v-bind, which brings a js value into the markup, and v-on:input to update the js value.

Use v-model when you can. Use v-bind/v-on when you must :-) I hope your answer was accepted.

v-model works with all the basic HTML input types (text, textarea, number, radio, checkbox, select). You can use v-model with input type=date if your model stores dates as ISO strings (yyyy-mm-dd). If you want to use date objects in your model (a good idea as soon as you're going to manipulate or format them), do this.

v-model has some extra smarts that it's good to be aware of. If you're using an IME ( lots of mobile keyboards, or Chinese/Japanese/Korean ), v-model will not update until a word is complete (a space is entered or the user leaves the field). v-input will fire much more frequently.

v-model also has modifiers .lazy, .trim, .number, covered in the doc.

In simple wordsv-model is for two way bindings means: if you change input value, the bound data will be changed and vice versa.

but v-bind:value is called one way binding that means: you can change input value by changing bound data but you can't change bound data by changing input value through the element.

check out this simple example:

it is two way data binding, it is used to bind html input element when you change input value then bounded data will be change.

v-model is used only for HTML input elements

ex: <input type="text" v-model="name" > 

it is one way data binding,means you can only bind data to input element but can't change bounded data changing input element.v-bind is used to bind html attribute
<input type="text" v-bind:class="abc" v-bind:value="">

<a v-bind:href="home/abc" > click me </a>