How to make layout with rounded corners..? How to make layout with rounded corners..? xml xml

How to make layout with rounded corners..?

1: Define layout_bg.xml in drawables:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><shape xmlns:android="">    <solid android:color="#FFFFFF"/>    <stroke android:width="3dp" android:color="#B1BCBE" />    <corners android:radius="10dp"/>    <padding android:left="0dp" android:top="0dp" android:right="0dp" android:bottom="0dp" /></shape>

2: Add layout_bg.xml as background to your layout


For API 21+, Use Clip Views

Rounded outline clipping was added to the View class in API 21. See this training doc or this reference for more info.

This in-built feature makes rounded corners very easy to implement. It works on any view or layout and supports proper clipping.

Here's What To Do:

  • Create a rounded shape drawable and set it as your view's background:android:background="@drawable/round_outline"
  • Clip to outline in code: setClipToOutline(true)

The documentation used to say that you can set android:clipToOutline="true" the XML, but this bug is now finally resolved and the documentation now correctly states that you can only do this in code.

What It Looks Like:

examples with and without clipToOutline

Special Note About ImageViews

setClipToOutline() only works when the View's background is set to a shape drawable. If this background shape exists, View treats the background's outline as the borders for clipping and shadowing purposes.

This means that if you want to round the corners on an ImageView with setClipToOutline(), your image must come from android:src instead of android:background (since background is used for the rounded shape). If you MUST use background to set your image instead of src, you can use this nested views workaround:

  • Create an outer layout with its background set to your shape drawable
  • Wrap that layout around your ImageView (with no padding)
  • The ImageView (including anything else in the layout) will now be clipped to the outer layout's rounded shape.

Here's a copy of a XML file to create a drawable with a white background, black border and rounded corners:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>     <shape xmlns:android="">         <solid android:color="#ffffffff"/>            <stroke android:width="3dp"                android:color="#ff000000"                />        <padding android:left="1dp"                 android:top="1dp"                 android:right="1dp"                 android:bottom="1dp"                 />         <corners android:bottomRightRadius="7dp" android:bottomLeftRadius="7dp"          android:topLeftRadius="7dp" android:topRightRadius="7dp"/>     </shape>

save it as a xml file in the drawable directory,Use it like you would use any drawable background(icon or resource file) using its resource name (R.drawable.your_xml_name)