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Google Chrome remote debugging local domain

Check out Map to custom local domains.

I got it set up once to work with custom local domains, but it took a bit of experimenting. I definitely needed a proxy server to get it working.

I had exactly the same problem on a PC. I followed @Kayce Basques' Map to custom local domains guide and after some perseverance everything is now working.

Kayce's guide requires a proxy server, I've included my working configuration for the Squid open source and free proxy server below.

Squid installation was easy, I just downloaded and installed a pre-compiled Windows binary file and the server appeared in my Windows system tray. It should hopefully be equally simple for OSX and Linux platforms.

All configuration is done inside a squid.conf file accessible from the Squid menu. I followed this simple guide for a Reverse Proxy. Whilst I included everything in that guide I believe the following line is the critical one to get everything working.

cache_peer parent 80 0 no-query proxy-only originserver

In the above line is my PC's internal IP address and 80 is my Apache virtual host port number defined in my Apache Virtual Hosts file. There's another helpful guide here but that guide omits the originserver option and didn't work on my machine though otherwise helpful.

It seems you do need to be connected by USB cable for this to work so I don't quite understand @asolenzal's comment above. Also each time I changed the configuration I ran Path/to/squid.exe -k reconfigure -n Squid in a command window to reload Squid. You can find that command here.