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Detect Visual Composer

Actually _wpb_vc_js_status since 4.8 is not correct, because it was not used anymore. The simplest way to check if page is using visual composer - it is check for vc_row shortcode in content.

$post = get_post();if ( $post && preg_match( '/vc_row/', $post->post_content ) ) {    // Visual composer works on current page/post}

Yes, you can detect if visual composer is enabled for a post. It's stored in the _wpb_vc_js_status post meta attribute.

$vc_enabled = get_post_meta($post_id, '_wpb_vc_js_status', true);

Note that a post can still contain the visual composer shortcodes, even when visual composer editing is not currently enabled. For example, if I setup a page with visual composer and then revert back to the normal editor, _wpb_vc_js_status will be false.

You can detect with is_plugin_active:

if ( is_plugin_active( 'js_composer/js_composer.php' ) ) {     //your code here}