Alamofire No Such Module (CocoaPods) Alamofire No Such Module (CocoaPods) ios ios

Alamofire No Such Module (CocoaPods)

The Trick for me was to open the .xcworkspace file rather then the original project file itself.

working this:

Scheme -> Manage Schemes...checked Alamofire checkbox → Build Alamofire scheme

and, if you used Playground , you should change settings Playground:

View -> Utilities -> Show File Inspector Platform OSX → iOS

Try this one.

For Swift 2.0 there is no need to add Alamofire.xcodeproj into your xcode. Simply copy and paste source folder from and you are done.

or if you want to install Alamofire from Cocoapods then try below code.

  source ''  platform :ios, '8.0'  use_frameworks!  pod 'Alamofire', '~> 2.0'