Application Loader: ERROR ITMS-90502 Application Loader: ERROR ITMS-90502 ios ios

Application Loader: ERROR ITMS-90502

Never mind, found the problem. The configuration which I used to build archive had Build Active Architecture Only set to Yes. Silly me.

I hit the same error a few months after this posting. I found this posting on Google and, in case others come here, by the same path, there is another reason for the ITMS 90502 error (consensus is that this is a new requirement in the late-Oct/early-Nov 2015 timeframe).

If you include other frameworks in your app, they must ALSO contain the 'arm64' required device capability. That is, this must be in the Info.plist:

<key>UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities</key><array>    <string>arm64</string></array>

If you are using cocoapods, you have to add the key 'UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities' to every dependency. Include this post install to your Podfile.

post_install do |installer|    installer.pods_project.targets.each do |target|        plist_buddy = "/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy"        plist = "Pods/Target Support Files/#{target}/Info.plist"        puts "Add armv7 to #{target} to make it pass iTC verification."        `#{plist_buddy} -c "Add UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities array" "#{plist}"`        `#{plist_buddy} -c "Add UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities:0 string armv7" "#{plist}"`    endend