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AutoLayout multiline UILabel cutting off some text

Found an even better answer after reading this:

creating a UILabel subclass to override layoutSubviews like so:

- (void)layoutSubviews{    [super layoutSubviews];    self.preferredMaxLayoutWidth = CGRectGetWidth(self.bounds);    [super layoutSubviews];}

This ensures the preferredMaxLayoutWidth is always correct.


After several more release's of iOS and testing more usecase's i've found the above to not be sufficient for every case. As of iOS 8 (I believe), under some circumstances only didSet bounds was called in time before the screen load.

In iOS 9 very recently I came across another issue when using a modal UIVIewController with a UITableView, that both layoutSubviews and set bounds were being called after heightForRowAtIndexPath. After much debugging the only solution was to override set frame.

The below code now seems to be necessary to ensure it works across all iOS's, controllers, screen sizes etc.

override public func layoutSubviews(){    super.layoutSubviews()    self.preferredMaxLayoutWidth = self.bounds.width    super.layoutSubviews()}override public var bounds: CGRect{    didSet    {        self.preferredMaxLayoutWidth = self.bounds.width    }}override public var frame: CGRect{    didSet    {        self.preferredMaxLayoutWidth = self.frame.width    }}

I'm not sure I understand you right and my solution is really far from the best one, but here it is:

I've added a height constraint on label that was cut, connected that constraint to cell's outlet. I've overrided layoutSubview method:

- (void) layoutSubviews {    [super layoutSubviews];    [self.badLabel setNeedsLayout];    [self.badLabel layoutIfNeeded];    self.badLabelHeightConstraint.constant = self.badLabel.intrinsicContentSize.height;}

and viola! Please try that method and tell me results, thank you.

Omg, just have had the same issue. The @Simon McLoughlin's answer did not help me. But

titleLabel.adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth = true

did a magic! It works, I don't know why but it does.And yes, your label must have an explicit preferredMaxLayoutWidth value either.