black space in IOS app in 4inch Screen black space in IOS app in 4inch Screen ios ios

black space in IOS app in 4inch Screen

To solve this issue you have to specifically add background images for iOS 6, Follow following steps to add this using new xCode.

1) Add new image set from asset catalog and name it "Default" image set

2) Right click on that asset catalog image.

3) Choose iPhone, Retina 4 - inch from options like following

enter image description here

4) Add images in sequence with resolutions

  1. 320 * 480

  2. 640 * 960

  3. 640 * 1136

5) Clean your project

6) Run your project

1.First add the add the iPhone Retina(4-inch) and Retina(3.5-inch) images as a launch images..

Add a splash image named Default-568h@2x.png. This will identify your app that one supports iPhone 5 metrics

In Xcode 7 Beta 6The Solution is,

Select your Project on the left>>In General Settings
Under "App Icons and Launch Images" In "Launch Screen File" select main.storyboard

enter image description here

This should fix the issue.