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Bundle display name missing space characters

This is because of a change Apple made in iOS 11 for truncating for longer app names. If the name is longer than 12 characters, the spaces will be removed. Otherwise, they'll still exist.

For example, Guide book app will become Guidebookapp, but Gui boo app will stay as Gui boo app.

Using unicode   (FIGURE SPACE) works because it isn't an ascii space. I would be hesitant to use this as a solution because it seems reasonable that Apple would "fix" this bug and remove   for apps with names longer than 12 characters.


I have the same issue. Only on iOS 11. On lower iOS version this issue isn't appeared.

I resolved this with:

  1. Open info.plist as Source code(right click, open as...)
  2. Find CFBundleDisplayName
  3. Replace normal space with unicode  

That's all. After that display name shows with space.


  works only when typed in *.plist. Can't be inserted in Display name in Xcode project settings;

It works for me when I replace space with FIGURE SPACE in InfoPlist.strings manually or with a script.