Calling viewwillappear after dismissing modalviewcontroller Calling viewwillappear after dismissing modalviewcontroller ios ios

Calling viewwillappear after dismissing modalviewcontroller

presentModalViewController:animated: / dismissModalViewControllerAnimated: are deprecated. Use presentViewController:animated:completion: / dismissViewControllerAnimated:completion: instead.

You can use the completion block to execute any code post dismisal:

- (void) alertView: (UIAlertView *) alertView clickedButtonAtIndex: (NSInteger) buttonIndex{    if (buttonIndex == 0)    {        MyCustomViewController* mcvc = (MyCustomViewController*)self.presentingViewController;        [self dismissViewControllerAnimated: YES completion: ^{             // call your completion method:             [mcvc someCustomDoneMethod];        }];    }}

Better yet, if you're using a storyboard then you can implement an unwind segue and trigger your completion code in the unwind callback method.

Since you're presenting the modal view controller as a form sheet, the presenting controller's view never disappears, so viewWillAppear: is not called after the dismissal. If you want the presenting view controller to handle something after the dismissal, call a delegate method in the modal controller's viewDidDisappear: method. You've already set the delegate, so I presume you already have a delegate protocol in CreateActivity.

By the way, you should use the non-deprecated methods to present and dismiss your modal view controller.