Can UIStackView support iOS 8 or 7? Can UIStackView support iOS 8 or 7? ios ios

Can UIStackView support iOS 8 or 7?

It looks like it's for iOS 9+.



Available in iOS 9.0 and later

UIStackView is only available in "iOS 9.0 and later".

If you need to support earlier versions of iOS, check out OAStackView, a drop-in replacement which "implements most of the features from UIStackView" and supports iOS 7+.

A few minor features haven't been finished yet. I tried it out using the UIStackView-Playground project and it works pretty well.

You could also check out MarkupKit (I'm the project's author):

The LMColumnView and LMRowView classes are very similar to UIStackView but work with iOS 8. They also have a couple features that UIStackView doesn't have, such as the ability to set a background color and weight-based distribution.

See this article for more information: