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Cloudkit JS && Node JS

In the browser, CloudKit.js relies on XmlHttpRequest in order to fetch resources, but since CloudKit isn't an npm module you'll need a way to fetch things from your server.

npm install node-fetch

Using node-fetch, here is a tweaked version of your code that logs the resulting Items in your query:

var fetch = require('node-fetch');var CloudKit = require("./cloudkit.js")CloudKit.configure({  services: {    fetch: fetch  },  containers: [{    containerIdentifier: 'yourContainerIdentifier',    apiToken: 'yourAPItoken',    environment: 'development'  }]})var container = CloudKit.getDefaultContainer();var publicDB = container.publicCloudDatabase;function demoPerformQuery() {  publicDB.performQuery({recordType: 'Items'}).then(function(response){    console.log(response)  }).catch(function(error){    console.log(error)  })}var express = require('express')var app = express()app.get("/", function() {  demoPerformQuery()})var server = app.listen(8080, function () {  console.log("Server listen")})

After hitting http://localhost:8080 you should see your server log the response to your query.