com.facebook.sdk.core error 8 com.facebook.sdk.core error 8 ios ios

com.facebook.sdk.core error 8

Make sure your permissions are typed correctly

   func loginButton(loginButton: FBSDKLoginButton!, didCompleteWithResult result: FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResult!, error: NSError!) {            if error == nil {                println("login complete")                self.performSegueWithIdentifier("showLogin", sender: self)            }else{                println(error.localizedDescription)    //com.facebook.sdk.core error 8.            }        }

In my case this error was caused by improper bundle id set in facebook settings of the app itself. Facebook "bundle id" is case sensitive, in my Info.plist I had uppercase product name, but in fb settings - lowercase.

In my case, I was using a Facebook account that hadn't yet been added to any of the Facebook app's admins/developers/testers roles.