com.facebook.sdk error 2 on iOS com.facebook.sdk error 2 on iOS ios ios

com.facebook.sdk error 2 on iOS

Turns out: a com.facebook.sdk error 2 can translate into a number of things. I'm looking for some kind of Facebook SDK error translation table, but I'm unable to find one. In my case:The com.facebook.sdk error 2 happened because the connection timed out. Users who got this error had a bad network/WiFi connection.

We implemented an error logging system, which logged the error details every time an error happened while logging into Facebook. In those logs we could see a com.facebook.sdk error 2 happening quite a lot, but it being resolved every time the user tried to log in again after a few seconds.

It might be due to my inability to find the right documentation, but I was and still am quite frustrated about the vagueness of these SDK errors. There is a lot of documentation about permission asking (which can result into the com.facebook.sdk error 2), but apparently this error can be caused by more things. It would be nice to see this documented somewhere as well.

This happened for an app that I was using. I was able to get around it by going to my iPhone settings, selecting Facebook, tapping on my name, and clicking "delete account."

Afterwards I was able to sign in with the app without issue.

I went back to settings | facebook and resubmitted my credentials.

The app still works fine.

I had this bug when I forgot to check Native iOS App (in Facebook Developers Page) and typed-in my Bundle ID, which is same as Bundle identifier in your Xcode project. (including your project name at the end.) I also had the setting in Facebook Developers Page which enabled SandBox mode. I disabled Sandbox mode too to get this work.