Deploying an iOS Application Using Apple Enterprise Developer Program Deploying an iOS Application Using Apple Enterprise Developer Program ios ios

Deploying an iOS Application Using Apple Enterprise Developer Program

With the Apple ENTERPRISE Developer Program you can NOT distribute an App in the Apple AppStore.

Its purpose is to collaborate an In-House App in your own company.

The Enterprise account does not necessarily need the UDID of your target devices. You can for instance also use a link which remotely installs the app directly on the device.

You can find more details here:

If you are trying to deploy applications to customers/users on a production/long term basis, you can deploy an applications outside the apple store in three ways:

  1. manually via iTunes
  2. directly via iTunes Configuration utility
  3. via weblink (sent via mms, email, webbrowser etc.)

In order to distribute an application this way, the application must have a special corporate signature, and each device must have a matching corporate signature installed manually.

The best overall explanation for the process is available at this link.

If you're just testing on a handful of test devices, then you I would suggest two approaches:a dev release to a test device follow step by step instructions here.

Or you can use a helper application to deploy a beta release: testflightapp.

You can do distribute your iOS app to only a particular set of people (in your case, your company employee), by following these procedure

  1. Get a apple enterprise developer account
  2. Create a distribution certificate and provisioning profile(In-House) using your enterprise developer account
  3. Archive the ipa file using the created certificate andprovisioning profile
  4. While saving the ipa, click on the check mark. So, the plist fileis also created.
  5. Host the plist and ipa file in your server
  6. Include a download html file with a href tag with src"itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url="

Now when you click on the link from your device the app will get downloaded.