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Set and hit a breakpoint in the app, and write the following in the Xcode Console (next to the Variables View):

po NSHomeDirectory()

Then in Finder hit Shift+CMD+G, paste the path returned above without the quotation marks and hit enter.

Open up and run:

xcrun simctl get_app_container booted [app identifier]

You can even setup an alias to change to the directory, like:

alias cdmyapp='cd $(xcrun simctl get_app_container booted com.mycompany.myapp)'

I have 2 solution

  • Simpholders or free and open source alternative OpenSim
  • A simple script that opens the finder window with the recently launched application on the iOS simulator

deviceId=$(xcrun simctl list devices | grep Booted | sed -n 's/^.([A-F0-9]{8}-([A-F0-9]{4}-){3}[A-F0-9]{12}).$/\1/p') applicationFolder=~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/$deviceId/data/Containers/Data/Application/ applicationFolder=$applicationFolder$(ls -Art $applicationFolder | tail -n 1) open $applicationFolder