error: Invalid bitcode version (Producer: '800.0.35.0_0' Reader: '703.0.31_0') error: Invalid bitcode version (Producer: '800.0.35.0_0' Reader: '703.0.31_0') ios ios

error: Invalid bitcode version (Producer: '800.0.35.0_0' Reader: '703.0.31_0')

i had this error before may try the following solution it worked for me

search for bitcode keyword in app --> Build Settings and change it to NOthen archive again -->

it should work fine now

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Install Xcode 8:

Xcode 8 GM seed may be used to submit apps to the App Store.

More info:In my case I updated to the latest Facebook iOS SDK 4.15.1. Since that library was updated with Xcode 8 and I was still using Xcode 7.3.1 it caused the error.

Updated for Xcode 8 GM and iOS 10.

So, double check 3rd party libraries.

Or if you don't mind disabling bitcode:Go to build settings search bitcode and change "Enable Bitcode" to "No".

I also faced the same problem, and as suggested by @Nate,the issue was because of a third party SDK integrated in our project using Cocoapods.

To help me figure out which one of the 15 pods i had in the project was responsible, i did the following:

  1. Create a new xcode project
  2. Copy the Podfile from your original project to the newly created project's directory
  3. Do pod install
  4. Remove one or more of the pods⋆
  5. Archive the new project, and see if it succeeds, if not repeat step 4 till you are able to archive

⋆(you can also try something like binary search, wherein you delete the first half pods in your Podfile and see if the new project archives)

Once you've figured out the library causing the issue, keep downgrading the library by explicitly specifying the version in Podfile, until the project archives successfully.And then you can use that version of the library to archive and upload to the app store.