ERROR ITMS-90034: Missing or invalid signature ERROR ITMS-90034: Missing or invalid signature ios ios

ERROR ITMS-90034: Missing or invalid signature

I have just got the same issue. I have restarted XCode and it works like a charm!

I have not changed anything and it was working an hour ago; therefore, I did not spent any time on keychain. I have simply restarted XCode and it has worked.

If the problem still persists, then I recommend you to Go to Keychain Access, delete all the expired certificates, and add the corresponding valid certificate.

you can try... Make change in Keychain Access for related Certification Authority certificate from "Always Trust" to "Use the system default".

This do the trick for me!enter image description here

I got the same issue today. My app was sent successfully, but after 10 mins I got an email. with this Error ITMS-90034. As result, I started to check If my profiles are expired and etc. Everything was fine. So maybe after few hours I just sent a new archive, and it was successfully uploaded. I guess it was related to the apple side.