"Failed to set plugin placeholders" message? "Failed to set plugin placeholders" message? ios ios

"Failed to set plugin placeholders" message?

What worked for me, Go to your target Build Phases and on "Embedded App Extensions" check the "Copy only when installing" checkbox.

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I had the same problem today. In my situation I had a different identifier in my original app than in the extension identifier "base". The extension has to have the same identifier as the original app plus something else.


  • Dummy App: com.company.dummy-app
  • Dummy App Extension: com.company.dummy-app.extensionName

After Xcode told me that, I changed my wrong names to look like above and then the problem occurred:The problem was, that I had "automatic manage signing" turned on but Xcode didn't recognize that I changed the identifier.

Solution:Just change the identifier again and check if "automatic manage signing" has created a new provisioning profile. Deleting derived data may also helps.

It took me a while to find the fix for this. First go to build phases click the X beside the embedded and delete it. This should fix the problem it is what worked for me.