GameKit matchmaking fails for 3G connections GameKit matchmaking fails for 3G connections ios ios

GameKit matchmaking fails for 3G connections


There is nothing wrong with your code.You have to allow cellular data usage to your app which needs users permission.

The following paragraph is selected from Apple's support website :

At the Foundation layer, you can use the setAllowsCellularAccess: method on NSMutableURLRequest to specify whether a request can be sent over a cellular connection. You can also use the allowsCellularAccess to check the current value.

At the Core Foundation layer, you can achieve the same thing by setting the kCFStreamPropertyNoCellular property before opening a stream obtained from the CFSocketStream or CFHTTPStream APIs.

In older versions of iOS, you can continue to use the kSCNetworkReachabilityFlagsIsWWAN as a best-effort way of determining whether traffic will be sent over a cellular connection, but you should be aware of its limitations.

Good luck


According to the latest apple news, from iOS 9, the sand box mode will no longer exist, instead of the sandbox you'll have one unified environment.Unified envoiroment

So you'll have just one unified environments where you can share the same accounts, this should solve all the usual problems from the SandBox mode.

The new Unified System it's also compatible with TestFlight so you'll be able to test you code across multiple device and accounts.

All of these changes will be made directly by apple, so the only think that you can do it's to wait until they update to the new system, so far it's the only way to be sure that it's not a Sand Box problem. For more info please have a loot at the WWDC video

Based on the code that you have shown us, there should'nt be any issue regardless of the connection type, 3G or otherwise; however, if you previously interspersed code for exception handling that was tied back to connection status, or for graphics which represent a loading state, something could be tied up elsewhere logically and produce this error at this point in the game logic. Even a corrupt spinner graphic can become an issue.

Did you have any other exception handlers in the code that called the following:





that changed a loader layer characteristic?