Getting a device UDID from .mobileconfig Getting a device UDID from .mobileconfig ios ios

Getting a device UDID from .mobileconfig

I found that by using the above that Apache was being talked to by the Ipad/Iphone - The post by Kyle2011 at filled in the rest of the solution.

Basically at the bottom of the retrieve.php page you need to redirect the browser to a directory by using a line similar to the following:-


Where enrolment is a directory - this then calls the DirectoryIndex (typically index.php) which can then display stuff to your user.

To populate the $params variable you need the following line at the top of your retrieve.php script

$data = file_get_contents('php://input');

You can then parse the $data string to get what you need (try file_put_contents("data.txt", $data); or Kyle2011's example)

I also changed the Payload UDID to something different by using udidgen in a terminal on a Mac rather than just using's.

Update: From iOS 7.1 some of the files (the .plist IIRC) need to be served over https:// - they will fail to install if everything is served over http:// - probably best to serve everything including the .ipa over https:// to ensure future changes on Apple's side don't cause a problem.

Note about the last page ( FOLDER ).

If you want to use a page script for final redirection in place of a folder.

you can change this :



header("Location:{$params}", true, 301);

Source : header function on manual

it's work !

Try setting the URL to an address without .php extension. This solved the problem for me. Now my only problem is that I can't find out how to retrieve the data sent from the iOS device to my server. It does not seem to be in the $_POST variable.