How to archive/export Framework in Xcode? How to archive/export Framework in Xcode? ios ios

How to archive/export Framework in Xcode?

Go into your framework and build.


You will find in your products YOUR_FRAMEWORK.framework

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Right click on "YourLibrary.framework" -> Show in Finder

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Now you can share/import your library.

Attention: Don't link/reference to this path because the framework is stored in Derived Data.

The only thing you should do is build the target,then show Products in finder ,you will see it.

Archive framework

Product -> Archive//orxcodebuild archive

[Archive location]

Xcode v12 does not have such problem and when you try to archive a framework Xcode prompt you to corresponding Archives window

Archive is an action from Scheme[About] which is competitor for Build action. Archive includes Build with additional logic. For example Archive is used for XCFramework[Example] which additionally can contains .dSYM and .BCSymbolMap files

For usual purposes you can just use Build action, it creates a corresponding .framework file in a Build location[About]