How to disable scrolling entirely in a WKWebView? How to disable scrolling entirely in a WKWebView? ios ios

How to disable scrolling entirely in a WKWebView?

Before Swift 3

You can simply disable scroll on its implicit scrollView

webView.scrollView.scrollEnabled = false

Swift 3

webView.scrollView.isScrollEnabled = false

Took me a while but I figured out a way of doing this.

I had to remove a private gesture recognizer within a private subview of the WKWebView.

I had a category on WKWebView to do so:

@implementation WKWebView (Scrolling)- (void)setScrollEnabled:(BOOL)enabled {    self.scrollView.scrollEnabled = enabled;    self.scrollView.panGestureRecognizer.enabled = enabled;    self.scrollView.bounces = enabled;    // There is one subview as of iOS 8.1 of class WKScrollView    for (UIView* subview in self.subviews) {        if ([subview respondsToSelector:@selector(setScrollEnabled:)]) {            [(id)subview setScrollEnabled:enabled];        }        if ([subview respondsToSelector:@selector(setBounces:)]) {            [(id)subview setBounces:enabled];        }        if ([subview respondsToSelector:@selector(panGestureRecognizer)]) {            [[(id)subview panGestureRecognizer] setEnabled:enabled];        }        // here comes the tricky part, desabling        for (UIView* subScrollView in subview.subviews) {            if ([subScrollView isKindOfClass:NSClassFromString(@"WKContentView")]) {                for (id gesture in [subScrollView gestureRecognizers]) {                    if ([gesture isKindOfClass:NSClassFromString(@"UIWebTouchEventsGestureRecognizer")])                        [subScrollView removeGestureRecognizer:gesture];                }            }        }    }}@end

Hope this helps anyone some day.

Credit and many thanks to apouche for the Obj-C code. In case anybody else has the same problem, here is the working solution adapted for Swift 2

extension WKWebView {  func setScrollEnabled(enabled: Bool) {    self.scrollView.scrollEnabled = enabled    self.scrollView.panGestureRecognizer.enabled = enabled    self.scrollView.bounces = enabled    for subview in self.subviews {        if let subview = subview as? UIScrollView {            subview.scrollEnabled = enabled            subview.bounces = enabled            subview.panGestureRecognizer.enabled = enabled        }        for subScrollView in subview.subviews {            if subScrollView.dynamicType == NSClassFromString("WKContentView")! {                for gesture in subScrollView.gestureRecognizers! {                    subScrollView.removeGestureRecognizer(gesture)                }            }        }    }  }}