How to get code coverage in Xcode 6? How to get code coverage in Xcode 6? ios ios

How to get code coverage in Xcode 6?

Take a look at

  • Simple script that can be run from dev's cmd-line or CI build server.
  • Produces console output as well as a detailed report in HTML format. This can be viewed locally or published as an artifact by the build server.
  • Optionally includes a checker that will 'fail' the build if required coverage is not met. (Feedback only. This is a prompt to review coverage and look for useful tests that can be added or reduce the required amount. Either option may be correct. )
  • Free for both commercial and open-source projects. No hosting, sponsorship or subscription required.


FTW, it has an easy-to-remember dogue-speak-esque command line interface:

groovy --source-dir MyProject/Source

Terminal Output:

enter image description here

HTML Report:

enter image description here

We use Xcoverage for this..Check on link below, if this helps..


This is an update, From Xcode 6 Apple having in-build code coverage tool, But Have a look at coverStory it is easy to configure test locally before push.And providing a line by line coverage.