How to get height of topLayoutGuide? How to get height of topLayoutGuide? ios ios

How to get height of topLayoutGuide?

You can get the topLayoutGuide value as its length property:

// Inside your viewControllerself.topLayoutGuide.length

Since it is a single value (i.e.: it does not have a height and width) they just called it length. Same holds for bottomLayoutGuide.

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One more thing to mention, in the apple doc for this property:

// As a courtesy when not using auto layout, this value is safe to refer to in -viewDidLayoutSubviews, or in -layoutSubviews after calling super

Use this property in these two functions will get you the accurate value, since the layout has been initialized. If you use it in the viewDidLoad function, this property will be 0.

If someone is looking for how to calculate the height of insets of SafeLayoutGuide available for iOS 11 because Top and Bottom Layout Guide are deprecated now, you can find it in:


Notice that Top and Bottom Layout Guide were a part of ViewController, and now SafeLayoutGuide is a part of the main view of the ViewController.

This gets the length (in points) of the portion of a view controller's view that is overlaid by translucent or transparent UIKit bars.

override func viewDidLayoutSubviews() {    super.viewDidLayoutSubviews()    let topSpace:CGFloat    let bottomSpace:CGFloat    if #available(iOS 11.0, *) {        topSpace =        bottomSpace = self.view.safeAreaInsets.bottom    } else {        topSpace = self.topLayoutGuide.length        bottomSpace = self.bottomLayoutGuide.length    }}