How to schedule background job at specific time in react native How to schedule background job at specific time in react native ios ios

How to schedule background job at specific time in react native

I came across a similar issue, unfortunately, you can't specify something similar to CRON action in RN.

My solution to that problem is to use this library and calculate the difference between current time and time that the task is scheduled for.

The calculated time should be in ms, so you can use it with provided function setTimeout:

// Start a timer that runs once after X millisecondsconst timeoutId = BackgroundTimer.setTimeout(() => {  // this will be executed once after 10 seconds  // even when app is the the background  console.log('tac');}, 10000);


Let's say you want to schedule task for tomorrow at 16th, in componentDidMount you can calculate time between now and scheduled date. Let's use moment for that:

componentDidMount(){  const scheduledDate =    moment().add(1,'d').set({hour:16,minute:0,second:0,millisecond:0})  const diffTime = scheduledDate.diff(moment())  this.timeoutId = BackgroundTimer.setTimeout(() => {    console.log('tac');  }, diffTime);}componentWillUnmount(){ BackgroundTimer.clearTimeout(this.timeoutId);}

Note that this solution is vulnerable to a user changing the time on his phone. The perfect solution would be to use some external service to fetch time.

Second note, the app needs to be at least in the background for this to work.

JavaScript code runs in foreground with only one thread. If you need scheduled background task, you need to implement native modules, as described in RN document:

Of course, all the platform restrictions (especially iOS) apply.

Create class and add this in your class

public static final long NOTIFY_INTERVAL = 10 * 1000; // 30 minutes@Override    public void onCreate() {        // cancel if already existed        if (mTimer != null) {            mTimer.cancel();        } else {            // recreate new            mTimer = new Timer();        }        // schedule task        mTimer.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimeDisplayTimerTask(), 0, NOTIFY_INTERVAL);    }class TimeDisplayTimerTask extends TimerTask {        @Override        public void run() {            // run on another thread   Runnable() {                @Override                public void run() {                    // code                }            });        }    }