How to use AVCaptureSession with Slide Over and Split View in iOS 9? How to use AVCaptureSession with Slide Over and Split View in iOS 9? ios ios

How to use AVCaptureSession with Slide Over and Split View in iOS 9?

In case you haven't found out yet. After some more investigation I can now answer your first question:

If AVCaptureSession is immediately paused when Slide Over and Split View are used, is it a good idea to monitor AVCaptureSessionDidStopRunningNotification, and present a message "Camera Paused" to the user, so that he clearly knows that the app isn't performing scanning?

The notification you actually want to observe is this one: AVCaptureSessionWasInterruptedNotification

And you want to check for the newly introduced in iOS9 reason: AVCaptureSessionInterruptionReason.VideoDeviceNotAvailableWithMultipleForegroundApps

override func viewWillAppear(animated: Bool){    super.viewWillAppear(animated)    self.addObserverForAVCaptureSessionWasInterrupted()}func addObserverForAVCaptureSessionWasInterrupted(){    let mainQueue = NSOperationQueue.mainQueue()    NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserverForName(AVCaptureSessionWasInterruptedNotification, object: nil, queue: mainQueue)        { (notification: NSNotification) -> Void in            guard let userInfo = notification.userInfo else            {                return            }            // Check if the current system is iOS9+ because AVCaptureSessionInterruptionReasonKey is iOS9+ (relates to Split View / Slide Over)            if #available(iOS 9.0, *)            {                if let interruptionReason = userInfo[AVCaptureSessionInterruptionReasonKey] where Int(interruptionReason as! NSNumber) == AVCaptureSessionInterruptionReason.VideoDeviceNotAvailableWithMultipleForegroundApps.rawValue                {                    // Warn the user they need to get back to Full Screen Mode                }            }            else            {                // Fallback on earlier versions. From iOS8 and below Split View and Slide Over don't exist, no need to handle anything then.            }        }}override func viewWillDisappear(animated: Bool){    super.viewWillDisappear(true)    NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().removeObserver(self)}

You can also know when the interruption was ended by observing:AVCaptureSessionInterruptionEndedNotification

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