@import "Unexpected '@' in program" @import "Unexpected '@' in program" ios ios

@import "Unexpected '@' in program"

From the comment of @hw731 I think you use badly @import :

old syntax to import framework :

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

but now, you can use the new syntax :

@import UIKit;

you need to enable theses modules to use the keyword @import (it's enable by default when you create a new project with Xcode 5) :

enter image description here

Have a look here.

Got same error, checked the standard places:

  • Yes, I have correct code syntax
  • Yes, all the "Apple LLVM 5.0 - Languages - Modules" settings are YES. Both in this project and each its targets.
  • Yes, I'm using a workspace, but checked that all projects have enabled Modules. Both projects and their each targets.
  • Yes, checked I don't have any funny "smart" quotes anywhere
  • Yes, checked that I'm in a header.h or file.m file (not .mm/.c/.cpp/.hpp)

The problem was that the header file was imported into file.mm file, which doesn't seem to support the new @import module syntax! Converted that header back to old style #import format and everything was fine again.

I also found that using following code in pch file:

#ifdef __cplusplus#import <opencv2/opencv.hpp>#endif

are not compatible with @import.