iOS 10 don't call Notification Service Extension iOS 10 don't call Notification Service Extension ios ios

iOS 10 don't call Notification Service Extension

Check your deployment target on Service Extension.

I had deployment target set to 10.2 when testing on device with 10.1 and extension wasn't called until I changed it.

Another issue might be debugging.. In order to make it work You need to attach Service Extension Process. In Xcode menu Debug > Attach To Process > Name of your extension

  1. Run service extension as the Target instead of the app. Then it will ask for which app you have run service extension, then select your app and it will send the notification.

  2. Make sure the deployment target of the service extension is less that your physical device's OS version.

  3. Ensure payload contains 'mutable-content: 1'

{"aps" : {    "alert" : {        "title" : "Introduction To Notification",        "subtitle" : "Session 707",        "body" : "New Notification Look Amazing"    },    "sound" : "default",    "category" : "message",    "badge" : 1,    "mutable-content": 1    },    "attachment-url": ""}
  1. Don't add content-available flag in aps or if you've added then make sure it's set to 0.

---------------------------------------- if nothing works, Restart your device --------------------------------------

I was getting crazy. Finally I realized that I had the deployment target of Notification Service Extension was 10.3 (my phone too). I changed to 10.2 and it works perfectly