iOS 8 run app forever or disable screen iOS 8 run app forever or disable screen ios ios

iOS 8 run app forever or disable screen

Try the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend solution:

Since iOS 4 apps get suspended when you hit the home button. Before this (iOS 3) they would exit and relaunch every time you opened the app - however if you didn't use the home button to close the app but instead locked the device with your iOS 3 app open it would run in the background forever. You can get your apps to work like this by adding the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend key to your info plist, set the value to YES.

You wont be able to close and reopen the app as fast (it will relaunch every time you use the home button), but if you don't interact with the iPad very often, then you can just lock the device while the app is open and it will continue to run until the iPad is unlocked or you open another app.

Note that this solution is valid for the App Store, as it uses official Apple APIs.

All apps get up to 10 minutes to finish whatever they were doing before the app is truly suspended. But in some cases they may need to run longer such as playing music or calculating steps. It can be done using Required background mode are the modes by which you can keep your application running forever in background.

please look at the below images:

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Visit for Background Execution: Apple

Visit below URL's it may be helpful. (for explaination with sample code.)

Hope it helps in solving your problem.

Could you bypass/hack by running silence in the background. I can't imagine this to be efficient or the best solution but it might be a work around. I know the creators of Workflow have tried to bypass this as well and have also hit the 10min limit. There workaround is to simple send a local notification at the 9 min mark and tell the user to open the app again so that it can continue to run.