iOS Associated Domains (Universal Links) with Wildcards not working iOS Associated Domains (Universal Links) with Wildcards not working ios ios

iOS Associated Domains (Universal Links) with Wildcards not working

I added my findings to this thread:

In short, even in iOS 10, it appears that the wildcard setup requires that the apple-app-site-association file be served by the wildcard's root.

For instance, if you want to use *, then the apple-app-site-association needs to be hosted at both, e.g., and, else it won't work with simply specifying applinks:* in Xcode.

This is unfortunate if your main site is hosted at, and that you have a 301 redirect on (which redirects you to, because Universal Links do not allow redirects.

The workaround I found was to create a main subdomain for your app, and to use sub-subdomains for the wildcard. E.g.

  • (must serve the apple-app-site-association file)
  • (must serve the apple-app-site-association)
  • (...)

That way, in Xcode, you may only specify applinks:* and Universal Links will work without you having to specify,, and so on... in Xcode.

Note, however, that you must also explicitly specify if you plan on using that server as well with your app.

I hope this helps.

It seems that adding a wildcard in the domain part of the applinks has only been introduced in iOS 9.3 Beta 2. In 9.3 Beta 2 release notes:

You can now use Universal Links with arbitrary subdomains instead of needing to list all of the app’s subdomains as fully qualified domain names. Entries have the form:

:[:port number] in which is “webcredentials”, “activitycontinuation”, or “applinks”.

The part of the entry can now optionally be prefixed with “*.” to indicate a wildcard subdomain. For example:


You say that you run on iOS 9.3.2. But is your deployment target >= iOS 9.3 ? If it's not: try by changing it. I think it will solve your issue.

Here you can found a copy of this release notes (sorry, I do not have any other public source)


Even if the Apple Doc say that you can use wildcards on domains, they seems to have an issue on this:

To match all subdomains of an associated domain, you can specify a wildcard by prefixing . before the beginning of a specific domain (the period is required). Domain matching is based on the longest substring in the applinks entries. For example, if you specify the entries and applinks:*, matching for the domain is performed against the longer * entry. Note that an entry for * does not match because of the period after the asterisk. To enable matching for both * and, you need to provide a separate applinks entry for each.

I think it is apple bug in documentation. I got same error on 9.3.1. And 9.3.2 works fine. Very interesting link, about signing problems, see Laurence Fan's comment

Apple should say that * works for >= 9.3.2 in this link Support Universal Links