iOS Builds: This build is invalid in iTunes connect iOS Builds: This build is invalid in iTunes connect ios ios

iOS Builds: This build is invalid in iTunes connect

Check your email, it tells you exactly what is wrong. In itunes connect it simply says "This build is invalid" which is kind of useless. If you check your email it will most likely be a testflight issue as you included the sdk in your build and its integrated into itunes connect now:

"TestFlight SDK - TestFlight no longer requires an SDK to enable beta testing, crash reporting and analytics. To continue using TestFlight, set up Beta Testing in iTunes Connect and remove references to the SDK from the following executables:"

I was facing the same problem. I solved it by good luck after couple of hours of struggle. This issue was due to cocoa pods. Actually I installed "Alamofire" through cocoapods versions "0.38". I updated the pods for Alamofire 3.1.2. This build successfully got uploaded to the itunes connect but was declared as invalid in itunesConnect.

This reason was Alomofire 3.1.2 required cocoapods version 0.39. But I updated it using 0.38. So it was the issue.

Fix: Normal updating cocoapods by using the cpmmand $ gem install cocoapods, and then updating alamofire would not fix the problem. You will have to :1. Update cocoapods using $ gem install cocoapods.2. Delete the existing pod references from your project.3. Reinstall pods using pod install command.4. Done

You could validate the app archive trough Xcode and get details of what is the problem. The archives are currently found under Window->Organizer. To validate it you can click the "Validate..." button under the "Upload to App Store..." button. This may help you if you didn't get an email with details for the problem as was my case.